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How Autologon Can Work When You Are Using Windows


Why do you need to know about automatic logons? Basically, automatic logons make it easier for you to configure Windows when you need to. Windows has a built-in automatic logon mechanism wherein instead of entering your name and password, it can use the credentials that you login with.

Windows is able to use the credentials that have been encrypted in the registry so that you can log into any specific user automatically. This is not that complicate at all especially when you understand what you are doing and you know what automatic logons are made for. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily use it on your own computer.

Running Automatic Logons And Making Them Work

LogonExpert Autologon is as easy as running the .exe file and then filling up the dialog box, after which you can then click enable. This turns on the automatic logons and when you have decided to turn it off, you can just click the disable button. If you also use the shift key right before the system start the automatic logons, then the latter will be disabled for the particular login.


Approaches that automatic logons use in Microsoft Windows:

  • Storing data within the system registry
  • Storing data in the Local Security Authority storage or the LSASecret

There are even available variations when it comes to these solutions. You can find others that use predefined registry entry changes and those that make use of separate programs.


Retrieving Your Data From The Registry

that can show you the LSASecret passwords that you need. You are able to access the locations through a network and remotely. In many cases, logon data can be easily stolen if no secured and this is why LogonExpert exists. LogonExpert is a more secure approach when you are doing automatic logons. You can trust that LogonExpert is able to store your data in an encrypted space so that no other type of application can access it and the data inside.