The different type of hair transplantation in Turkey

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Taking care of hair depends on what type of hair one has, different products are specified for certain hair types that cannot be used for others because it may cause damage. Thinning of the hair is a side effect of not properly using hair treatments because some chemicals are harmful to the hair follicle which causes it to crack and peel. Hair fall can also be a sign of damage and this should not be taken lightly because overtime it can become a severe problem and cause balding spots in different areas of the scalp. When it comes to this severity hair transplantation is considered as the last solution if and when shampoos and other medical or herbal treatment products are unsuccessful.

It is best to turn to a medical professional to see what should be considered before getting hair transplant. They will be the one to tell you how much damage there is and how best to proceed. They will also explain to you how hair transplantation works and how to take care of your scalp after the process.



Type of hair transplantation available today

Hair transplantation has already been available since the 1960’s and has further been developed since then. There are two types of زراعة الشعر في تركيا  and it is up to the professional to suggest which one is best to be used for the patient’s case.

The first type is the procedure where in a strip of the patient’s scalp will be removed surgically before moving and applying it to the bald spots. This is usually removed from the nape of patient because this part can be easily covered up.

The second type is when the doctor will remove each hair follicle from the part of the scalp that is unaffected by hair loss and then inserting them to the parts that are damaged. This is used mostly for mild cases due to how tedious it is.