Ken and Pat Baur

Ken and Pat Baur, Owners

Ken and Pat have over 25 years experience in owning and operating successful retail businesses. They created Framing Concepts with the goal of offering a stimulating environment that demonstrated the beauty of art and proper framing. The business has evolved into a decor resource reaching far beyond framing and art, and now includes two showrooms, a framing service in Chicago's Merchandise Mart, a Corporate division operated by Pat, and various framing services for professional photographers and designers throughout the region.

Ken Baur

Ken Baur

Ken wears many hats at FCG.  He makes the business run smoothly, oversees all galleries, and participates in designing and framing. Ken also operates a framing consulting business called KB Consulting to help other framers navigate tomorrow's changing industry.

Childhood Ambition: To run a sub 4 minute mile
Interior Identity: Metropolitan Noir
Soundtrack: "Notting Hillbilly's"
Hobbies: Golf, Gardening
Wildest Dream: Walking the entire Yellowstone National Park
Biggest Challenge: Being patient
Perfect Day: Any day I don't have to leave the house
Top Movies: Pursuit of Happiness, Saving Private Ryan,  Shawshank Redemption
Inspiration: Those I've met that had difficult childhoods but still  worked hard to have a positive, successful life.
Who he'd like to meet: Michael Jordan
Favorite picture on the wall:  "Wine Cellar" - I like the rhythm, it looks alive.

Pat Baur

Pat Baur
Owner & Chesterton Designer
Framing Since 2001

Pat is the designer and manager of our Chesterton gallery, as well as the head of our business division, Corporate Concepts.

Childhood Ambition: To make it this far
Interior Identity:  Cottage Casual
Soundtrack:  James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, Harry Chapin...
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, playing with grandchildren
Wildest Dream:  A day at a really good spa
Biggest Challenge:  Raising Two Children
Perfect Day:  Sleep until I wake up on my own
Top Movies:  Any romantic comedy - the Thin Man series
Top Books: Great Expectations, The Birth Order Book, biographies 
Inspiration:  People - I believe I can learn something from anybody
Who she'd like to meet:  Warren Buffet
Favorite picture on the wall:  "Don Quixote" because the frame looks like the artist painted it to match the picture

Brian Boedeker

Brian Boedeker, CPF
Production Manager
Framing Since 1999

Brian is the manager of our 3,000 sq. ft.
state-of -the-art production facility.
His CPF status allows him the ability to create quality projects which do not compromise the value of the art. Brian and his team complete over 90% of all projects in 10 days or less!

Childhood Ambition: To be a bachelor
Interior Identity: Luxe Lodge
Soundtrack: ESPN Radio am 1000
Hobbies: Golf, basketball, kids (not necessarily in that order)
Wildest Dream: To be on the PGA tour
Biggest Challenge: Golf, Getting through the holiday season in production
Perfect Day: Play 36 holes of golf and the kids sleeping in
Top Movies: Ace Ventura, Wayne's World, Anchorman
Inspiration: My wife and children
Who he'd like to meet: Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan
Favorite picture on the wall:  "Signed Cubs Sweatshirt" because it says "If it takes forever.."- Go Cubs!

Lucas Sgouros

Lucas Sgouros
Crown Point Designer
Framing Since 2012

Lucas brings artistic & musical talents to FCG.

Childhood Ambition:  To be a Rock Star
Interior Identity:  Metropolitan Noir
Soundtrack: Indie Rock / NPR
Hobbies: Playing with my band, softball, golf, craft beer
Wildest Dream: To make a living off my art or music
Biggest Challenge:  Graduating college being dyslexic
Perfect Day: Any day with the people that I love
Top Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Royal Tenenbaums, Almost Famous, Ghostbusters
Inspiration: Humanity
Who he'd like to meet: Paul McCartney or Marcel Duchamp
Favorite picture on the wall: Solitude by Robert Klunk - "It looks like it could be set in a Wes Anderson film."


Erin Bluhm

Erin Bluhm
Chesterton Designer
Framing Since 2010

Erin is our newest Frame Designer. She incorporates her love of photography and ecology into everything she does!

Childhood Ambition:  Be the first female MLB umpire
Interior Identity:  Cottage Casual
Soundtrack: Indie Rock & Folk
Hobbies: Photography, Baseball, Traveling
Wildest Dream: Visit all 7 continents
Biggest Challenge:  Losing both of my parents
Perfect Day: Any day where I get to make art is pretty perfect
Top Movies: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Breakfast Club, Interview With A Vampire, Dirty Dancing, The Hunger Games Trilogy
Inspiration: Nature
Who she'd like to meet: The band members of Mumford & Sons
Favorite picture on the wall: Stone Steps by Pete Doherty - "It's a unique view of Chicago that is not often seen."

Pete Doherty 

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