It makes people curious about you and tends to follow you.

Buy Instagram Followers and Likesto Make You Popular In a Contest


However, when you are from an unknown family with not enough people to back you up, most likely people will not even hear of your name. So, to make yourself known and famous, you can buy Instagram followers and likes at first. Then after that start to move around and be noticed by doing certain good cause. But how can you buy automatic likes for your posts on how can you buy automatic likes for your posts on Instagram?



How to do that?

  1. Join a certain cause by volunteering like to help calamity areas.
  2. Try to follow certain notable people that is related to your contest so that you will be known by others through your comments. But make sure that your comments are true and not made up just to be noticed. It must have substance too. The more substance the better.
  3. Choose target accounts that have 100 – 300 thousand followers and at the same niche as you. This may seem so obvious but at times we seem to forget this.
  4. In addition these accounts should also have an 8-19% genuine likes for their engagement and watch out for fake accounts which are just generated from machines.
  5. Create groups in social media to increase popularity particularly related to your cause.
  6. Don’t comment on something that you do not know about. Understand and study the topic after that it will be easier to stress certain relevant points but always go with the idea of masses. Not unless you have something that you know is right and will be able to help you.

Final Thought

A popularity can come and go, you may be popular at one time but if people will find that you have no substance, they will likely not continue following your post and in some event it can even ruin you.