Real Projects Real Stories of Crown Point Framing Concepts Gallery

Art Critic Cat 

"My wife and I love cats, and when we found this print of a movie critic cat done on an old dictionary page, we knew we just had to have it."

"Framing Concepts does unique and innovative framing!"

-Neil and Maureen Davey-

 Family Photo

"We recently had family portraits taken, and we had one photo in particular that was exceptional. I knew I had to go to Kat at Framing Concepts to have it framed. As usual the finished product is fantastic! I couldn't have done it without her expertise."

"Framing Concepts can frame anything!"
-C. Shaffer-


"This is a picture of the finished product on our wall at home."

"We were thrilled with our portrait and how BEAUTIFUL the framing turned out!  We so enjoyed working with Kat!"

-Jeff and Monica Harder-


"I attended the LSGP with my 3 year old son, Colin.  We ate in the lodge at Watkins Glen with all the F1 drivers.  My son was banging on the keys of a piano in the dining room and was asked nicely by one of the drivers to stop."

-N. Kirchoff-


"This is one of two photos that tells a story of our family roots."

"Our designer Kat's talent, the quality of materials and craftsmanship is showcased in the final product.  Kat guided us to mats and frames that were a perfect match for our photos.  They now have the beautiful settings they deserve."

-J. Collier & Family-



"Framing Concepts did exceptional work on our historical document - a newspaper that was sent to press more than 75 years ago on the day our family's business first opened. We couldn't have asked for a better quality frame and presentation in their work."

"Kat was very friendly and helpful in helping us identify the best way to preserve such an important keepsake for years to come. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make sure each piece is framed with love and care." 


-Neil Davey-


"After spending many years earning my BS, MA and JD, it was long due to get everything framed, and framing concepts was my number once choice." "Framing Concepts always does exceptional work!  I wouldn't go anywhere else."

-Anna Mandula-


"Framing Concepts will work within your budget and taste to get exactly what you are looking for!  Excellent customer Service!"

-Victoria Mucha-

"Kat was incredible!  Her eye for color and quality helped turn an idea into reality."

-Tony Barringer-

 Judy Tomera

"This photograph was taken in Tibet. The photographer, Galen Rowell, realized that the original was disintegrating and didn't want to lose this incredible painting, so he took a picture of it. Prints can be found at the Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, CA."

-Judy Tomera-



"We had a special picture, and it had to be framed perfectly.  We finally found the people that could."

"On any special projects you have, give Framing Concepts a chance." 


-Dennis and Adrienne Bielfeldt-

 Karen Pinta

"These two needlework pieces, 'Wild Flowers' and 'Wild Cherries', are both done in crewel embroidery. I had them framed at this time to submit them for display at the Northwest Indiana Chapter of the Embroiderers Guild Exhibit on October 2 & 3 at the Social Center in Community Park in Munster."

"Tracy at FCG was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in framing my needlework projects and I'm delighted with the results. They both are beautifully framed."
-Karen Pinta-

 Susan Kozlowski

Susan framed a nice piece of automobilia that includes both Shell and Route 66 California logos. "Original Route 66 Paper is difficult to find - we'll hang this in our Classic Muscle Car Room."

"FCG has a great artistic eye - without them our framing projects would be boring. They have fast and quality service."
-Susan Kozlowski-

 Gloria Miller

-Gloria Miller-
 Carol Horvath

"This was my grandmother on her wedding day. She was a dressmaker and made her own clothes. The couple in the other picture was my grandparents from Poland."

"I live in Michigan and came to Crown Point, Indiana, to have these pictures done at FCG!"
-Carol Horvath-

 Kevin Keough

Kevin Keough had some old photos of the original storefronts of his business, Keough Mechanical. FCG created a professional framing design complete with engraved plates to display the company's history.
-Kevin Keough-
 Mindy Dorin

"Our wedding was the Best Day Ever! Luckily, I have beautiful photographs that captured that day and beautiful memories to last me forever. Being an indecisive person, there were a ton of hard framing decisions to make; Tracy was very patient with me and helped me through the process. The pictures left me speechless. They were better than I could have imagined."
-Mindy Dorin-
 Michael Peterson

"This is my 'earned' Shellback Certificate from my stint in the US Navy. It had been framed and was hanging in our family room when we had a house fire. The frame didn't make it but the certificate survived, mostly. Tracy came up with a beautiful new frame and mat that really makes this certificate look stunning!!!"

"Framing Concepts has friendly, knowledgeable help...especially for those of us who are a little design challenged.  Great job!"

-Michael Peterson-
 Mike Palmer

Mike commissioned a painting of his Mustang in front of the Crown Point courthouse:
"I met the artist at the Auburn Auto Show. He came to Crown Point, did the work, and we love the result. It's perfect for the car cruise nights."

"I've tried a lot of frame shops but FCG is the best. Thanks!"
-Mike Palmer-


 Ted Hansen

Ted framed a variety of sports memorabilia at Framing Concepts, including a game-worn Yankees Arod batting glove, a Blackhawks Patrick Kane jersey, and a White Sox Mark Buerhle jersey.

"Custom framing makes your sports pieces works of art. Framing Concepts did an awesome job. I will use them again!"

-Ted Hansen-

 Monika and Dallas Bibbs

"Our honeymoon in Hawaii was a dream come true. These pictures represent our memories of the good times we enjoyed while exploring the islands of Oahu and Maui."

"We are impressed with the great service and personal attention that was given to our pictures and how we wanted to display them. The quality is professional and will last a lifetime."
-Monika and Dallas Bibbs-

 Scott and Jenn Barbour

"My grandmother and grandfather owned a farm in Pennsylvania where my mother grew up with her seven siblings. One of their many crops was peaches. My aunts and uncles found some of the old labels used to can and sell their organic produce. These labels from my namesake are priceless to me and I brought them to Framing Concepts to be preserved for myself and my niece."

"Tracy at Framing Concepts was incredibly helpful for suggestions on sizing, colors, and textures. The staff at FCG is professional and courteous and will take care of your priceless memories, too!"
-Scott and Jenn Barbour-

 Mark Pofelski

"This was a souvenir from my Grand Canyon adventure in 1995. I rode a mule to the bottom of the canyon from the south rim to the Phantom Ranch where I spent the night."

"The staff at Framing Concepts is very professional and helpful. The finished product was beautiful and it was completed when they promised it would be."

-Mark Pofelski-

"Thanks FCG! Great Job."

-Eric Nowlin-
"Very Helpful!"

-Patricia German-
 Lani Peterson

"Mother lost her storage space what to do with her jewelry collection? In particular three exquisite enameled pieces, too nice to hide in a jewel box. Solution: Mother's grandson recommends Framing Concepts, suggests a 'shadow box' display. Result: Total satisfaction."

"Craftsmanship, artistic values superb! Imagination, originality fantastic! Practical things reliability, communication, material values the frosting! Can't go wrong at Framing Concepts!"

-Lani and LeRoy Peterson-
 Cheryl Loutit

"This is my son's senior picture. I thought the photographer captured his personality in this shot."

"Framing Concepts takes time with you and will help you with ideas."

-Cheryl Loutit-
 Tim Fealy

"I have always been interested in magic and had searched long and hard for a vintage magic poster. Having found a lithograph from the 1930s, I didn't want to just use a store-bought frame. I wanted something that would not only enhance the look of my piece, but would protect it as well."

"Framing Concepts worked within my budget to find mats and frames that would really help my piece stand out. Not only that, Tracy recommended glass, matting, and backing that would help preserve the piece for years to come."

-Tim Fealy-
 Suzanne Helbling

"I purchased my painting in New Buffalo. It was painted by a local Chicago artist and will look great at my house on the lake!"

"I was so very pleased with my framing project and I plan to tell all my friends about Framing Concepts!"

-Suzanne Helbling-
 Nora Keenan

"These paintings have literally been around the world.  Painted in Ireland by my cousin Amy Delahunt... carried to New Zealand where I was attending a family wedding...and brought home via LA to live in Crown Point."

"Tracy was instrumental in helping me frame these precious paintings.  Her expertise and good taste resulted in a beautiful framing job.  Thanks, Tracy and Framing Concepts!"

-Nora Keenan-
 Kathy Conley

"This is an oil painting done of my two girls. It was important to me that the framing be just right, as I plan to pass this piece down from generation to generation."

"Tracy did an amazing job of matching a frame not only to the painting, but the wallpaper sample I brought in. She helped me select a frame whose style, colors, and proportions were perfection. Great job!"

-Kathy Conley-
 Teresa Argadine

The Argadines collect prints by a New Orleans artist named Michalopoulos.

-The Argadines-
Irene Doukas

"The silkscreeen framed here was a gift from a Blackfoot Elder after I attended a Sundance in Browning, Montana.  The name of this piece is "The Two Worlds We Live In."

"The presentation that Tracy put together turned a piece of dyed silk into a work of art that is now a centerpiece in my home.  Lovely!"

-Irene Doukas-
 Peggy Peterson

-Peggy Peterson-
 Marylynn Poirier

-Marylynn Poirier-
"Framing Concepts took simple diplomas and made them unique. They have great service and beautiful finished products."

-Gayle Oliveira-
"My photos came out fantastic! What a beautiful job FCG did. And the big piece looks absolutely gorgeous. They all couldn't have been any better. Thank you so much for your expertise - I couldn't have done that without you! I would recommend anyone to your shop! It was a pleasure working with you."

-Kathy Nelson-

"This picture marks an important memory for us--our Wedding Day!"

"Tracy at Framing Concepts helped us so much with our frame.  Thanks for our beautiful completed piece."

-The Korzeniewskis-

Mary Beth Banaszak

"This photograph was taken in Cwmcarn Forestry in Wales, United Kingdom. The photographer is my fiancee who enjoys taking photographs for a hobby."

"I have had several photographs and a drawing framed by Framing Concepts.  They do a superb job and I am always pleased to recommend them to friends.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, too."

-Mary Beth Banaszak-

"We really wanted a picture we both loved for our family room.  We had this print in our closet for over a year. One day we thought why not take it to Framing Concepts and see what Tracy can do!"

"Framing Concepts is a business with excellent customer service and creative expertise."

-Sam Bucur-
 Jillian Condon

"I wanted to surprise my husband with a shadowbox of all his race/triathalon accomplishments of the past year. I brought in all different materials and pictures and FCG put them together to make the box.  It turned out to be more than I could have imagined and I know my husband will love it!"

"FCG is so kind and great to work with.  The artistic view on my piece was amazing and they truly help to make it so much better than you can think it could be."

-Jillian Condon-

"This picture is of our beautiful Pekingese Mo. It was done by the artist Frase.  It is titled 'Mo's Eyes.'  Mo passed away at the age of 15 1/2.  We still love him dearly and you can see why."

"FCG was most helpful picking out the frames for the two pictures I brought. I am very pleased with the results."

-Christine Allen-

"I found the perfect picture in Maui for the house.  The artist has two galleries on the island.  The one up country is a great trip, with a fantastic view and restaurant."

FCG is "very helpful and knowledgeable, for finding and preparing the piece of art.  A Take-Your-Time approach."

-Stuart Wilson-


"These are family pictures taken from our annual trip to Florida.  They feature me with my siblings, parents, and my own children."

"FCG will really work with you to get just the right look and price you're looking for.  The end product is magnificent!"

-Amy McCallister-
 Nick Palmer

"I was at Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, when I saw this spray paint artist. He made all of his art, including this picture, with spray paint, newspaper, and pots. I thought it was cool so I got the picture."

"If you have a hard time choosing from FCG's vast collection of frames, they will give you expert help. They give you that advice with a smile and are nicer than most people."

-Nick Palmer-
 Athena Sarvanidis

"I purchased these Edward Hopper posters from the Hopper Exhibit at the Art Museum."

"FCG is very helpful in assisting with mat and frame selections. The finished products are beautifully done! Friendly staff, too."
-Athena Sarvanidis-

Andy Chopp

"This is the second of many silk screened prints I have done. It's a wedding gift for a fan of Dave Matthews. I picked this up in Toronto while attending the concert. The print, along with the perfect framing, truely brings out the Dave Matthews Band concert experience. Tracy helped pick out the perfect color scheme and frame for this print. I could not have asked for a better layout and eye for detail. Thank you so much!"

-Andy Chopp-
Kim Minko

"We framed my husband's Northwestern University football jersey for his new office / 'mancave'."

"FCG was great to work with and did a fantastic job. It definitely is a piece of art that we will enjoy for many years to come!"

-Kim Minko-
Susan Verrall

"Framing Concepts did timely, excellent work and service. Very helpful."

-Susan Verrall-
Cheryl Colby

"This was a project that I started after attending the International Quilt Show in Chicago in March of 2008. It is made of hand stitched wool applique and the petals were added for embellishment."

"The framing makes the finished project look like a professional did it!"

-Cheryl Colby-
 Molly Critzer

"My deceased grandmother painted this piece of art. It was a hobby of hers."

"Framing Concepts is outstanding with ideas. Very personable and friendly. A+!"

-Molly Critzer-
 Milt and Betty Bonich

"We had a Thomas Kincade puzzle picture that was mounted on a piece of cardbord - it was 2' in diameter - we wanted to keep it as a keepsake because Betty's 84 year old sister put it together for her. I called Hobby Lobby and they referred us to Framing Concepts - our lucky day!"
-Milt and Betty Bonich-

Kim Schaver

"This picture is from Mackinac Island where our children sent us for our 25th wedding anniversary. It just happens to be where we spent our honeymoon. We picked up this picture because in the background is the hotel we stayed in - in the tower room, it was awesome!"

"Tracy was very understanding, gracious, and helpful. I really enjoyed her help and would highly reccommend her services. Plus it made this picture gorgeous!"

-Kim Schaver-
Julie Carnell

"I wrote a tribute about our beloved pet. After it appeared in my favorite magazine, my husband wanted to have the article framed as a remembrance for us. We are thrilled with the result and Tracy's attention to detail and her customers. Great personalized service!"

-Julie Carnell-
Betsy Calvert

"My daughter is turning 40 in Jaunary. I framed 40 new dollar bills for my son a few years ago and thought I'd do it again for the monumental occasion."

"FCG is very friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. They made this an easy project for me."

-Betsy Calvert-
Sarah Buncich

"These items came from Hesky Hardware at 37th & Broadway. The hardware store belonged to a cousin of my husband. The store has been closed for 10 years and we went in with my husband's aunt to sort through the store. We found the old razors and blades and had them framed to hang in our bathroom."

-Sarah Buncich-
 Lori Amodeo

"The oil that I had framed was a painting that my daughter, Ashley, did for me."

"It's really fun and interesting to see your picture or photo with different frames and liners. I was glad to have Gabe to guide me - the choices can be overwhelming but he made it easy."

-Lori Amodeo-
 Alexander Lopez

"The service at Framing Concepts is dependable, courteous, and outstanding."

-Alexander Lopez-

Susan Wolf

"In my business of helping artists learn how to make a living with their art, I get to enjoy many spectacular pieces. This piece caught my husband's and my eye and we had to have it."

"Gabe at FCG is a joy to work with. Very creative! An artist in his own right."

-Susan Wolf-

Elaine Hein

"This project is for my son who works so hard at his profession."

"Gabe at FCG is very knowledgable about framing and what is available. He's helped me pick out unique frames for my needlework."

-Elaine Hein-

Judy Lyzak

"This is 'Pablo', our rat terrier and my husband's best buddy!"

"We've never considered anyone else for our artwork!"

-Judy Lyzak-

Fr Ed Tlucek

"The work done here is creative, fresh and innovative. They have the outstanding ability to highlight colors and provide excellent accents."

-Father Ed Tlucek-
 Natalie Wahlberg

This is an image from Mike Vandercar's 'Ich verstehe nur ein bisshen Deutsch' show at Calmer House Gallery in Joliet.

"Gabe is Awesome."

-Natalie Wahlberg-
 Richard Case

-Richard Case-

Carla Webster

-Carla Webster-

 Sheri Calhoun

Sheri had these boxers framed as a joke gift for her husband.

-Sheri Calhoun-

Jean Dohmeier

"Great service, great framing tips and helpful ideas."

-Jean Dohmeier-

 Reginald Pudlow

-Reginald Pudlow-

Chris Olejnik

-Chris Olejnik-

 Eileen Bartoloc

-Eileen Bartoloc-

Brian Sok

-Brian Sok-

 Marie Grecco

-Marie Grecco-

Melissa Moore

-Melissa Moore-

 Bill Tuley

-Bill Tuley-

Bonnie O'Brien

-Bonnie O'Brien-

 Anna Mandula

-Anna Mandula-

Valerie Redington

-Valerie Redington-

 Sharon Purevich

-Sharon Purevich-

Philip Pryor

-Philip Pryor-

 Kristi Davids

-Kristi Davids-

Mindy Kozlina

-Mindy Kozlina-

 Rich Miller

-Rich Miller-
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