By using Riven,here are some pointers that’ll teach you about how she must be efficiently used.

Lol How To Get Championship Riven And The Strategies To Apply


In lol how to get championship riven perform efficiently depends on how you utilized her. Her fast attach is the main utility that drastically boosts her routine.




Strategies for Riven


  • The swift combo is notdifficult to perform, theyjust need some practice and flexthose muscle memory. Riven is, actually dependent,to what the player is able to accomplish, she’s fairly balanced about her play style in such a way whenneglect to master is a bad idea.
  • A common mistake people always make is trying to press the movecommand too quickly, to the point where their cursor isn’t directing over their target when they Q, this is what is causing them to target the dummy. Make sure the cursor is far from the dummy when pressingQ.
  • In some player’s perspective, Dr. Mundo, Yasuo, and Wukong are easy to lane with riven. Moreover, Pantheon, Rumble,Irelia, Gangplank, andJax are not really that bad sincethey knowhow the matchup is played. On the other hand, Darius Nasus, Garenand Tryndamere matchups are harder but can still be a win. Champions like Renektonis a difficult enemy to lane against.
  • Yasuo proves to be the easiest matchup, pretty much a free lane for you. even terrible player on riven can still come out a winner on lane against Yasuo. Renekton, on the other hand, is by far the hardest match.
  • In dealing with Mundo, you need to grab the ignite. You need to study how the enemy plays. Constant harassment against him proves to work. Short trades that you can do are considered safe, like hit and run tactics.